Jasper's awesome faces

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I now have 2 beggars…

When Jasper gets to lick the extra from the sides, Emmett gets pretty upset lolz

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queerbeckett asked: Even better!! :D

Yay! Also, we’re Castle fans in this household 😄

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queerbeckett asked: Ahh! I have a cute little corgi now following me!!

Technically you have 2 cute corgis following you! 😁

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maxiewinchester asked: My dog, Sophie does the whole "begging for food" thing too. She eats pretty fast and when you give her a treat, she'll have eaten hers' by the time her sister, Sadie has decided to eat her treat. So she'll just look from me to Sadie as if asking where her treat had went to.

That’s what Jasper has been doing for the last 10 minutes! He’ll circle Emmett and wait to clean up the crumbs. We know that he’s just waiting for the carrot to get away from Emmett so he can snatch it. We’re just glad that he’s not being food aggressive with it 😄

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porcelain-dollfaces asked: Did you like name your corgis after twilight characters?

Jasper wasn’t intentional, I promise. But Emmett was 😄 the names were just so fitting!

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Yes, Jasper’s food begging has hit a new low…he’s resorted to begging Emmett for his half carrot even though he’s already finished his full one. He’s circling Emmett and waiting for an opening as I’m typing this!

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