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TBT: Jasper’s 1st day of puppy class. Look at that focus!! Jasper loves training! And of course, he knocked out afterwards…I miss those days! 😄

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Not sure why…but BEST BATH EVER!! He’s usually screaming bloody murder the whole time lolz!

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This is what happens when you put a shirt on him that he likes…endless minutes of modeling.

I don’t blame you. If I had a dog like Jasper, I’d probably have to buy a camera just to take pictures of him and only him.

The thing is dibbydubby , he just starts modeling for the camera whenever we put on a shirt he likes! He will automatically smile and pose with or without a camera pointing at him so there’s nothing left to do but take a million pictures =)

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This is what happens when you put a shirt on him that he likes…endless minutes of modeling.

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Baby Jasper meets this giraffe toy for the first time!

My husband won that giraffe in Vegas back in 2002 and it’s lived a happy, carefree life at my In-laws since. Then the first time we bring Jasper down to visit my In-laws, he goes straight for the throat! 😑 the giraffe survived a couple more visits but sadly, he’s now in plush heaven. RIP Giraffey, you were a good toy

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Food…and my tennis ball. And FOOD. Mostly food…

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makingmistakesandsavingface asked: I saw Jasper wearing the Angkor Wat shirt and his cute elephant bottoms and I was so excited because I am Cambodian lol. I love seeing a corgi in Khmer swag!

Thanks! He actually really loves all the Cambodian shirts we brought back…he doesn’t know what to do about the pants though lolz. Once the outfit was on him, he looked exactly like a Cambodia tourist. We loved it! =) Jasper is proudly part Cambodian and part Filipino…and of course, part Welsh lolz